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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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new and nasty. tonight at 11:00, a story that will literally make your skin crawl. the university of maryland dealing with a bedbug infestation. our crew just finished interviewing several students affected by the creepy critters, and they'll be joining us shortly. >> our ken molestina has been tracking this story. we're talking about an
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infestation of bedbugs. how bad is this, kenny? >> reporter: it's pretty bad. the company that runs these dorms, capstone management, say they're aware of the problem and are working to fix it. however, a couple of students i spoke to say every morning they're waking up with bites. >> this is like after the treatment happened. i'm still continuing to get bitten. >> reporter: she lives in one of the dorm-style apartments that has been overcome by bedbugs. this film shows the conditions they have been forced to live in. her and her roommate have been forced to put their belongings in bags and empty out entire closets of clothing in order to try and rid their rooms of the bed busmghts they say exterminators have been in their apartment several times but they keep waking up with bedbug bites night. found one in my wall and only after i found one did they take action. >> reporter: during a phone conversation capstone said two units have been affected.
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he refused to give us more information. he did say they were alettered to the problem in late september and described the bedbug issue as an increasing problem. >> the stress that we've all been through is really crazy because we're just really worried about spreading it. >> now both these roommates are hoping the insects are gone once and for all so they can refocus on their studies. >> we can't keep living like this. >> it's not a place to stay. we're all stressed. i'm continually getting bitten. it's painful to be bitten. we can't focus on would we're here to do, be students at maryland. >> reporter: that spokesman for cap stone that i spoke with earlier over the phone said they will continue to address the issue and if there are any more reports they're urging students to report them so that they can go and then try and rid their units of these bedbugs but as you just heard, the issue is not resolved and these students' patience is
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absolutely running out. ken molestina, 9news. more cases of meningitis could hit both maryland and virginia in an outbreak that has the potential to affect thousands in 23 statements all of them got steroid back pain injections made by a massachusetts compounding 235r78 see that may be contaminated with a fungus. the company has since issued a recall and shut down. five people have died of fungal meningitis nationwide. 35 more have gotten sick. >> none of us have seen anything like this where a medication injected into the cerebral spinal fluid has caused infection. so we're in new territory here. >> seven maryland clinics were shipped the potentially tainted steroids. none are in the immediate d.c. metro area. all patients who received the shots have been notified. because meningitis can take days or weeks to develop people are being told get to the hospital if you start getting
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headaches, nausea, dizziness, or a fever. >> scary to know that you could get it, that's for sure. i mean, it does concern me. well, at least for this one night campaign 2012 has put the small town of fishersville, virginia, on the map. just off interstate 64 between charlottesville and stanton, fishersville is where mitt romney brought his campaign fresh off his first debate with president obama. >> last night was an important night for the country because people got to -- [ applause ] >> a whole lot of cheering over that debate. moments before he hit the stage romney spoke with fox news about his infamous 47% remark and chastised himself fort. he said, quote, it's just completely wrong. mr. romney was no doubt pleased with the reviews of last night's debate, most of which said the former massachusetts
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governor got the better of president obama. matt jablow spoke tonight with the man who knows a thing or two about presidential debates and said he was just stunned by president obama's poor performance. >> i love these debate. >> reporter: as long-time political correspondent for cnn, frank cesno covered more than his share of debates. >> '84, '88, '94, 2000. >> reporter: but none more interesting than last night's duel in denver. >> because of the expectations that went in were so completely divergent from the results that came out. >> reporter: currently the director of the school of media and public affairs at george washington university, he said mitt romney's poised performance -- >> i will not reduce the taxes paid by high-income americans. >> reporter: romney looked like he wanted to be there. he was engaged. >> coupled with president obama's lackluster performance seems to have changed the tone of the presidential race.
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>> my faith and confidence in the american future sun diminished. >> i cannot explain what happened to barack obama. he was awol. he was distracted, did he -- defensive, detached. >> reporter: frank said he should have become much more engaged. >> he dropped the ball. there's no way around it. >> reporter: having said all that, he also said that plenty of presidential candidates have rallied after a bad first debate. >> reagan came back in his second debate. >> reporter: and with that in mind he's very much looking forward to the next debate on october 16th. >> romney thinks he's on a roll now. he's going to keep that posture, i would pre excuse me. barack obama has got to have a completely different air about him. he's got to be a combatant, not a visitor. >> reporter: president obama and mr. romney actually have two debates remaining. one on october 16th on long island, and the last one six
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days later in flora. there's also one vice presidential debate a week from tonight in kentucky. derek. >> we'll be watching them all. cbs news has learned that investigators are looking into the possibility that a border patrol agent killed earlier this week died from friendly fire. nicholas ivie and two other agents came under attack just north of the border near birkz sbee, arizona. this word comes from mexican police as they've arrested two people. d.c. police confirm they're investigating allegations that a guard sexually assaulted an inmate. sources tell wtop radio the allegations are that a guard removed an inmate from his cell, took him to an area where there are no security cameras and assaulted him. those sources also say a second guard witnessed the assault but did not report it.
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tonight we've got a sketch of the man wanted for fondling at least five women in springfield. take a good look. the most recent attack was tuesday night. a woman was groped right in front of her daughter. another woman was assaulted on the same street two weeks earlier. detectives believe there could be additional victims, and they are asking, if you are one of them, please contact the police. well, memories from 10 years ago came rushing back tonight at a vigil honoring the victims of the sniper shootings. the gathering at the church in gaithersburg, families who lost loved ones were among those who came to remember to sing, and to placement back in october 2002 two snipers killed 10 people and wounded three others over a course of three weeks. police eventually caught up with them. john allen muhammad and lee boyd malvo. new at 11:00, one of charles manson's followers has been recommended for parole,
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that on the eve of his 70th birthday. the man's name is bruce davis. he was convicted for the murders of two mu since. he's been in prison since 1972. back in 2010 a few role board determined that davis was ready for release but then governor arnold schwarzenegger reversed it. governor jerry brown now has the final say. quite an honor for a bluegrass dobro player, mike al dredge. he was awarded the national endowment of the arts national heritage fellowship. al dredge began playing the dobro at 17. it's an act cow ties resonator guitar played with a slide. you may have seen him playing in clubs around town. he was part of the group "seldom seen." he's toured with lyle lovett and emmylou harris. flies, rat poop, roaches.
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tonight a really disgusting food alert you'll want to see. next, the reflecting pool is empty. we'll tell you why crews had to drain it just weeks after they finished its rehab. tops. >> 81 today. we're ki of getting spoiled with this touch of summer. i don't think you'll need a jacket tomorrow. mid-50s to 60 by 7:00. 66 to 74 by 9:00 under mostly sunny skies. we'll come back. we made some changes yet again for sunday. stay tuned. and here's tonight's fact from face the facts
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so even the democrats concede president obama did not have his best night in yesterday's debate. but others have made moderator jim lehrer the target of their criticism arguing he let the argue get out of control. tonight derek says he defies any of those folks to do it any better. >> yeah, anita, i know this because i've done it before it. several times. i tell you, in politics the debate moderator is a lot like the king of england. fancy title. not much real power. once i moderated a debate
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during which an uninvited candidate came on stage to take part. i looked in vain to the organizers to do something. when they shrugged, what was i going to do? i waved him on in. homeboy was a nut. i think he had a few beverages. back in the '90s, i hosted a radio discussion which included, by the way, yes, that was me, it included then mayor marion barry, and when he repeatedly ignored my instructions and my warnings and kept right on talking, i finally had the engineer to cuts microphone. that's what i had to do to corral one big city mayor in an environment i completely controlled. so imagine jim lehrer that in debate hall. he can't cut anybody's microphone and he's dealing with the president of the united states and another guy who is gutsy enough to try and take the job. and he's supposed to control these guys and do that in an untested format designed to be loose and open-ended and sort of free flowing? shoot, i don't care what the
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critics say, jim lehrer did what any moderator would have done in that situation. the best he could. anita. >> thank you, derek. rats, roaches, mice, you name it, we've got it in tonight's food alert. just wait until you see what our cameras found inside a restaurant that claimed hat cleaned up. from dupont circle to bethesda and into arlington, here's investigative reporter russ ptacek. >> reporter: instinctively we know roaches are wrong, right? food safety managers are required in restaurants because they're trained to watch out for other risks like food in the temperature danger zone, that's cold food above 41 degrees or heated food falling below 1406789 it's not roaches, but it can make you just as sick. just off dupont circle inspectors closed this sushi and karaoke bar. inspectors say twice when they came here in september the restaurant was operating with no food safety manager in sight. that's the person responsible
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for keeping sushi refrigerated at a safe temperature. inspectors say it was stored over 50 degrees. we're talking octopus, shrimp, and tuna at potentially hazardous temperatures. >> it's always full of customers. luckily, i mean, i never hear it. >> they also crated roaches. now look at the dirt on the floor we found inside mandarin carry-out on 15th street, southeast. closed for vermin. neighbors say rats are a common sight near the front door. >> reporter: how big are they. >> one is like this and the other one, a mouse. >> reporter: that's a big mouse. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: at 1235 new york avenue northwest officials declared an imminent health hazard at this mcdonald's when they walked in finding burgers and chicken at risky temperatures and no hot water for workers to wash their
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hands. at the popeye's on street health officials closed this down reporting the famous chicken stored at potentially dangerous temperatures, and mice. >> oh no, we won't be eating here today. >> reporter: in arlington at big papa pizza on lee highway, they let us in the kitchen after their closure. >> reporter: one of the problems they cited in one of the inspections was flies. >> reporter: it appeared in order, but besides insects, inspectors had cited multiple violations including repeatedly operating without a fad saist manager. in bethesda, a closure at moby dick's on wisconsin avenue, caught operating with no hot water and flies in the kitchen. in silver spring, inspectors say they walked into flipping pizza while they were flipping pizza with no hot water to clean their hands. they also cited dusty facilities at the spot and shut it down. in gait everything burg on
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north frederick, at kenny's subs, health auditors cited workers making egg rolls and chicken wings with no hot water. they closed it also citing dirty equipment, floors, doors, and walls. on georgia avenue northwest, when you see eat ethiopian and techs mix on sunshine grill's sign, you know it's special. and despite its citation for roaches, this worker said no roaches. >> reporter: can we come in and take a look? >> you can come in. >> reporter: she assured us an exterminator has exterminated the problem. >> reporter: ma'am, i want to show you this. this is the kind of problem that the health department is concerned about. >> inspect ors also cited unclean counters, mold in the ice machine and no food safety manager to prevent the hazard. she asked us to stop and leave as soon as we spotted that first insect. >> where is this? >> reporter: on the bottom of
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your shoe. >> you've got to leave. >> sure. >> reporter: mcdonald's issues a statement saying it takes cleanliness seriously and that its procedures are bying reinforced. that store and all others passed reinspection. i'm russ ptacek, 9news. >> he is all over the place. if you've got a tip about health risks, government waste, or corruption, e-mail russ at tips at >> hey, she stepped on that roach, it's gone. i don't see what the problem. >> it's gone. just a few weeks after crews had finished that multimillion dollar renovation at the reflecting pool they've had to drain it again. seems there's been an algae takeover. workers spent the whole day hosing off and scrubbing down. the park service says it is frustrating having to drain the pool so soon. however, they do have this new filtration system in place. it will now take three days to pill the pool back up again.
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>> i used to have an aquarium, and algae used to be a huge problem. it would take hours to clean. >> are you equating your aquarium with the reflecting pool? >> i'm saying there are some chemicals you can put in that. >> i never knew what the payback was. >> it's peaceful, man. >> a lot of work there. >> it is a lot of work. 81 today, a touch of sawmplt touch of summer tomorrow, then you won't believe what i've done to sunday. let's start with a live look outside. our michael & son weather cam. temperatures still 73. dew point in the low 50s. that's very comfortable. we're looking at drier air moving in, clear skies. winds light now west-northwest at 6. pressurizing at 30.13 inches of mercury. satellite and radar combined, a couple of things to point out. this is impressive snow out of northern sections of minnesota. three to five inches fell. this is the cold air. notice this cold front that's
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attached to the. this same blast of cold air will go through here saturday afternoon. when it goes through there won't be much fanfare. a couple of showers. what happens on sunday, all of the precipitation develops behind the front. right now some showers through the midwest. some of those could get in here just in time for the second half of the terps game but not a lot of precipitation with the passage of the front. right now we have clear skies, all the clouds and showers from this morning are history. so tomorrow, a great hair day. a fantastic day. a great night for high school football, too. i don't think you will even need a sweat shirt. then for the the earnings maybe some showers late in the second half. we're looking at just a mess on sunday. chilly and wet for the redskins. if you're tailgating then going to the game, bundle up. sweat shirt, umbrella, hot toddy. you are going to need everything. overnight, clear skies, much cooler, open the windows. 54 to 6 2. then by morning, mostly sunny and mild, no jacket required, 50s and 60s,
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winds still northwest at 10. by afternoon, mostly sunny, less humid, just gorgeous, 80 to 85. winds turn a little bit southwesterly at 10. next three days, tomorrow has to be a code green, obviously. a beautiful day. even saturday we'll keep code green. still a warm day. again, not heavy batch of showers but some showers possible late in the day with the bulk of the day fine. 78. again, maybe the latter part of the second half of the terps game. always family weekend at university of maryland. sunday, we had to go with code yell low. chilly with rain, temperature 59. i think that is really too high. i think it may be more like 55. next seven days, after the rain on sunday, really we're in great shape for columbus day. sunshine, mid sit, gorgeous on tuesday. sunshine and 70, and nice on wednesday. those showers for wednesday night, low 70s, then nice on thursday, temperatures in the mid-60s. so it is going to be a shock. 58, 57 is chilly, especially when we're used to the 80s.
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>> all those fans. yikes! >> i got the feeling that maybe kai get open in the redskins secondary. >> you can't get separation. i don't think i could even get separation from my mom. anyone, step up to the mic, a lot to address. did he do it tonight? he talked to reporters next.
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one game removed from the quarter poll and the redskins are ash gout play what some consider the most complete team in the nfc. the falcons don't let you score much and the offense is down right scary. beep beep beep this will be a test of the redskins' emergency secondary system coming up on sunday. atlanta is this year's green bay. they strike from everywhere. matt ryan, rookie sensation himself, now in his fifth season playing like a vet, got three big stud receivers.
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washington, second to last at stopping receivers. not good. but they're also impressed with ryan. >> he's doing a great job so far. he's getting rid of the ball, going along with progression so what we've got do is tighten up on the back end. >> we can see on film when ryan has time he's able to help find his receivers so it's crucial for us to be able to get pressure to just the front four. >> another award for rgiii, offensive rookie of the month. sunday he became one of three rookies to pass for over 1,000 yards in his first four weeks. we've got ourselves some great high school football tomorrow night. dunbar edging out chantilly for the game of the week. 12,000 of you voted. we'll have highlights of both of those games. also dematha versus good counsel. ted leonsa always seems to have a smile on his face but
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the wizards are in the midst of a major rebuild. and the nhl lockout? mums the word. he did talk about his wiz kids, though, and he actually made a correlation to the nationals. he believes his team is restructuring in a similar fashion to the nats. >> i looked at the nationals losing 100 games and finishing in the basement and picking high and bring ink a free agent and making an astute trade, and then they wake up one day and they're winning the pennant. >> we shall see. baseball, high drama tomorrow. baltimore playing in the one- game wildcard at texas. say what you will about the nats, but buck showalter is your manager of the year. game time tomorrow 8:30. the nats will play the winner of atlanta and st. louis. 9 news returns right after this break.
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that massage therapist was really scary. that's our broadcast. >> thanks for joining us for 9news. we'll see you tomorrow night.
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